Integrated Pest Management

GOTT BUGS? "Don't Let Pests Take Over Your Property"


Air Gott Services will conduct a free inspection of the premises by one of our certified professionals. This will allow us to:

  • Assess the situation and identify conducive conditions for pests
  • Identify pests and any related damage
  • Evaluate sanitation practices and structural problems, which may contribute to pest infestation
  • Customize a pest treatment and control method best suited for your home or business

Air Gott Services Pest Management:


At Air Gott Services, we offer top of the line pest control services to you and your family at prices that are affordable. If you live in Maryland and are in need of pest control, we are definitely the guys to consider. After visiting your home and identifying all the spots that are infested with pests, we will discuss with you the options that are at your disposal for getting rid of the pests. Not only does pest control help in keeping your home clean, it also reduces the risks of your family getting ill.

Mosquito Reduction Plan:

Mosquito Control Tips

  1. Yard & landscape control: Keep lawn & ornamental plants well-trimmed, to eliminate standing water.
  2. Mosquito control: Clean gutters to prevent mosquito breeding. Fill or drain puddles, ditches and swampy areas
  3. Mosquito pest control: Consult your mosquito pest control expert for control.

Mosquitoes detract you from outdoor enjoyment by their nuisance biting and the threat they pose of transmitting mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile. Air Gott Services Mosquito Reduction and Control Plan is a detailed program customized to your specific situation.

Air Gott Services will treat your property with a residual application to target areas where adult mosquitoes are known to land or rest. This will help reduce and control active adult mosquito populations.

Step one: A licensed technician will inspect any areas that mosquitoes tend to breed in. They will be treated with special products designed to control existing mosquito larvae.

Step two: Our technician will treat the remaining yard, especially where mosquitoes rest during the day including tree and shrub foliage, or in shaded areas under decks and eaves.

With this innovative integration approach, mosquito populations will be effectively reduced, and most importantly, you'll get your yard back.


Rodents that invade your house are bound to leave poisons all over the house. This can bring about the development of diseases within the house. Rodents that chew on electric wires around the house can cause the development of power supply problems or even fire hazards. We have the tools to help you get rid of all rodents in your house and thus avoid any such problems.

Commercial, Residential & Multi Family Pest Management


Air Gott Services offers a wide range of pest services for your property. Whether you live or work in a house, condo, apartment or a commercial location, Air Gott Services can create a maintenance plan for you.

When you call Air Gott Services, one of our highly trained technicians will design a specialized plan to address your needs and the specific pests that are in your area. Our technician will work to provide you with the specialized service your home requires throughout the entire year.

Our program provides coverage for roaches, rats, crickets, mice, ants, bed bugs, mosquito reduction, flea/ ticks and spiders.

Pests systematically seek out entry points and invade your home to obtain food and water. That's why Air Gott Services' Pest Control Management is focused on the following;

Interior: Exterior / Perimeter:
Improperly sealed doors & windows Foundation
Weather stripping Weep Holes
Under Sinks Soffit & Eaves
Plumbing penetrations Thresholds/Doors
Sanitation Plumbing areas
Firewood stacked next to home
Mulch beds

Air Gott Services Pest Management offers the following Commercial & Residential pest programs:

One-Time Service: For a targeted pest on a general pest prevention treatment

Quarterly Service: Most commonly used service program; Includes coverage for the following pests: Ants, Roaches (all species), Spiders, Crickets, Silver Fish, Earwigs, and most crawling insects

We also offer service for Fleas & Ticks, Honey Bees, Bed Bugs and most common pests in the Central Maryland area.

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